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Thank you, University Hospital

Published:Thursday | May 26, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Among my many great blessings are doctors and nurses and a hospital staff that deserve commendation. Admitted to the casualty/accident and emergency section of the UWI hospital in a life-or-death situation, I got a rare first-hand glimpse of what goes on out of the public's sight. I saw doctors and nurses at work over a prolonged period and I was struck by the teamwork, camaraderie and dedication as they cared for patients and shared very scarce resources. What's more remarkable, the staff is very young, and perhaps for that reason, they have each other's back; if one misses something, it's caught by another doctor or a nurse; there's no resentment as they work together to save lives and make patients better. And they've got the bedside manner down pat: professionalism mixed with warmth and respect and a willingness to explain your condition and treatment options (it's often Hobson's choice there) that put the patient at ease.

These doctors are all University of the West Indies graduates, and the nurses I met are locally trained.


I must commend my nephew, Dr Damion Harvey, himself a recent graduate of UWI, whose instant diagnosis via the telephone was spot on and Dr Tanya McQuilkin of Andrews Memorial Hospital, my doctor and a graduate of UWI, St Augustine, for taking a calculated risk I'm convinced helped to save my life. I'd like to thank Dr Georges, Dr Anna Kaye Harvey and the specialist, Dr McKenzie, as well as the nurses, whose name I can't recall, the very caring nurse who took me for an X-ray, and the other who did my ECG and yet others who administered treatment, the doctors who did my ultrasound and X-ray the professional orderly.

I see a big future for medical tourism - as soon as they get the waiting time right. It's still way too long. The hospital needs chairs for the relatives who accompany very ill patients - they can't stand all night. They also need wheelchairs. I hope (a) good Samaritan(s) out there who reads this letter will respond by donating these.

Thanks, everyone, and God bless.

Novlette Myers