Thu | Mar 22, 2018

Jamaica too dependent on imports to thrive

Published:Monday | May 30, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Ronald Mason's Gleaner column 'Prosperity for whom?' (Sunday Gleaner, May 29, 2016) paints a grim picture of Jamaica's future.

Murder continues to stalk us and politicians continue to bamboozle us with vague promises "while we walk as lambs to the slaughter". Unquestionably, prosperity is enjoyed by an elite few while "the masses get poorer and poorer".

Mason's hope that we may have leaders to motivate the country to produce is unlikely. The problem is that we are a small country with declining mineral resources, limited land space for large-scale agriculture, and a semi-literate labour force.

Unfortunately, we are also a country dependent on imports for survival. Consequently, with imports outpacing exports, we struggle with a depreciating dollar and creeping inflation.

We are primarily dependent on a fragile tourist industry, remittances, and loans to keep our economy afloat. Corrupt politics, crime and relentless borrowing cripple our economy and choke the life out of our growth prospects.

Mason is correct. Sustainable growth, with our failed leadership, is a dream and prosperity for the masses a mirage.


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