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Letter of the Day | Don't let your heart bleed for criminals

Published:Monday | May 30, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I thought that Terrence Williams' job as head of the Independent Commission of Investigations was to probe police contact resulting in death or injury to citizens, not the manner in which a body was placed in a van.

From all the reports associated with that particular contact and, unfortunately, death, this male, now referred to as 'Mr', engaged the police in a shoot-out and came off worse for wear. The officers slung his body in the back of the pickup to the consternation of those witnessing. And by the way, isn't a body very heavy, hence getting it on to the back of a van might take a bit of effort?

Then again, while this appears to be inhumane, so is the thought that if this man had killed or maimed a member of the security forces, he would have legged it into the unknown. He or his cronies wouldn't have given two hoots about the cops had they been victims lying on the ground.

And I can already hear the paragons of virtue saying, "But the police can't behave like the criminals." No, they can't, because, at least, they took away the body. Don't give me that crap about respect for the dead because they feel no disrespect and, prior to losing their lives, must have known right from wrong.


Treatment of criminals


Until criminals, whether dead or alive, are treated with the lack of respect they deserve, they will always be emboldened by the fact that people talk more good about them than the people paid to stop them in their tracks.

Terrence Williams is only pandering to the cries of either people with little information and only a short footage, or sympathisers, more out of fear than anything. One can only conjure up what the police were going through after being fired on with a possibility of being killed. After seeing their colleagues and innocent members of the public splayed out and splattered by gunmen, who could have reasonably not flung one of their bodies on to a pickup?