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Mahfood's concern for workers model for employers

Published:Wednesday | June 1, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Andrew Mahfood, chairman of Food For The Poor and CEO of Wisynco.


It's not often that negative occurrences of such magnitude as the Wisynco warehouse fire on May 27 elicit so readily a positive response. The chief executive officer of the Wisynco Group, Andrew Mahfood, has unwittingly sent every Jamaican a lesson, which, if learned and lived, could see Jamaica moving forward - the common good must always figure into our decision.

Faced with such a disaster, the ordinary reaction by most CEOs of businesses would be to lay off his/her workers, for it is evident that the loss incurred would not allow for business as usual.

But not so for Andrew Mahfood. Having known his family - the calibre of his grandmother, Evelyn Mahfood, of happy memory is well known - it was not a complete surprise that the welfare of his employees trumped profit.

It is the same source whence came the inspiration to found the now legendary Food For The Poor organisation, conceived and executed by Ferdie Mahfood. Evidently, Catholic Christian social teaching was not lost on these two men. This is practical Christianity in action.

Can you imagine the possibility of a moral/spiritual revolution that could result in this land of ours if our Christian principles were similarly applied in all our corporations and institutions vis-‡-vis their employees when hard luck strikes and CEOs magnanimously take a reduction in their high-end salaries in order to keep their employees on the job? Might sound utopian to some, but Christian to others!


Archbishop Emeritus

of Kingston