Sat | Apr 21, 2018

In celebration of fathers

Published:Thursday | June 2, 2016 | 12:00 AM


In celebration of Father's Day this year, let us put a positive spin on fathers. One does not have control of movies, the cable network might highlight fathers, but TVJ and CVM could highlight movies and documentaries that depict fathers in a positive light. In recent times, there have been mostly movies of fathers who play some negative roles or appear to be dysfunctional.

This Father's Day, let us celebrate fathers everywhere! Let us celebrate those, also, who are exceptional father figures. Let us celebrate the father who assists with homework, the father who takes his little charge to school (oblivious of the policeman) on his bicycle, the father who takes time out to read a bedside story to his children. Let us celebrate the father who takes time out and exercises the patience in giving his son/daughter his/her first driving lessons; the father who, despite having a night out with the boys, remembers that family comes first and ensures that the home is provided for.

And those great father figures, I salute you - the principal, the teacher who discreetly assists with school fees, the politician who uses his personal funds to assist in one way or another, the missionary who goes door to door helping the less fortunate, the church deacon who passes on good principles and values in the church, the family doctor who knows a child has a life-threatening illness and treats him/her free of cost.

There are many great fathers in this world. Give them their dues. Women should endeavour to speak positively of the good they have done and do away with 'like yu pupa!'. 'Like yu pupa' is rarely said because of some good act a father has done.

Happy Father's Day!


St Elizabeth