Tue | Sep 25, 2018

Save our children from themselves

Published:Thursday | June 2, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Sex and pregnancy, skin lightening and violent crimes are just some of the things that our angel children are involved in. They no longer play doll house; they have replaced that with becoming teenage parents. Every week, a new sex video surfaces on Facebook, the results of which the nurses and doctors at the clinics can attest to. The sad reality is that, most times, the girl is left to risk her life to carry the child and suffer the setbacks of missing out on her education and childhood. The situation gets worse when the child has three children and is only 18 years old. What are the chances of those children getting a fulfilled childhood?




Skin bleaching/lightening has become like an uncontrollable sore: it is moving like an epidemic sweeping through our primary and high schools. The girls are doing it and the boys are doing it because it looks 'kool'.

Children should be taught that youthfulness is not an immunity to the dreaded cancer and that when they bleach, they compromise their skin. Our children need to be taught that bleaching does not always fade with age, but can lead to long-term life-and-death consequences.

Jamaica's biggest problem is crime and violence and numbered among the perpetrators, from scamming to murder, are our beloved children. Children forming gangs and bringing weapons to school only stand to jeopardise their place in a school and, ultimately, their lives.

The improvement in technology and the knowledge that this generation holds does not replace the duty of parents. Parents and adults need to remember their role as protectors and caregivers. Children must be encouraged to live and enjoy their childhood as children and on the right side of the law.

Hezekan Bolton