Sun | Jan 21, 2018

Dead gunmen deserve no dignity

Published:Friday | June 3, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I read with deep and concerned interest your two Letters of the Day, 'Don't let your heart bleed for criminals' (May 30, 2016) and 'Even the dead deserve dignity' (June 1, 2016).

Most Jamaicans who are concerned about the extremely high crime rate in Jamaica will certainly agree that dead gunmen, murderers, and other such criminals do not deserve dignity. Why should a gunman who is killed while shooting at the police deserve dignity?

In some cases, our hardworking policemen are killed in shoot-outs, while the gunmen go free to rob, steal, and kill again.

I agree with the writer of the June 1 letter titled Flogging would cut crime 50 per cent'. Only on May 31 did relatives and friends of mine in the diaspora suggest that the reintroduction of flogging would reduce the crime rate in Jamaica.

Jamaicans in the diaspora and thousands of foreigners are now cancelling their visits to the island because of the high crime rate. Over the past two weeks, thieves broke into my house and stolen my component set, flat-screen TV and cell phone, while a motor car was stolen from a resident along Gold Road, Hughenden, where I live.

Dead gunmen, murderers and other criminals do not deserve dignity.


Hughenden, Kingston 20