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Mad rush at JUTC bus bay

Published:Saturday | June 4, 2016 | 12:00 AM

On Tuesday, May 31, 2016, about 1:45 p.m., I went downtown Kingston to board a No. 22 bus to Spanish Town. There was a line and I gathered it might have been quite a while since a bus had left.

I was overwhelmed at seeing the number of persons waiting on that bus. I thought of an alternative, so I asked a vendor if there were taxis that went to Spanish Town. He replied, "No! You would have to go to Cross Roads." I was disappointed because I did not know what time a bus would arrive and whether I would be able to get on.

Shortly after, a bus came and I proceeded to the front in order to get the driver's attention. He was overcome with the crowd, making sure to collect fares and that Smarter Card users received a ticket. Some were quarrelling that they had been waiting in the sun and others just arrived and wanted to board. By this time, the crowd - a mother and child, elderly persons, the disabled, young people - were all gathered at the door, pushing and boring just to get inside.

I was now at the door trying to step up only to realise that there were three of us on the step. Struggling to make another step, my glasses almost fell from my face.

I finally got in, hoping to secure one of the seats reserved for the disabled - they were all taken. I, however, got one a few rows down.

This behaviour is not seen in the HWT Transport Centre, as persons usually wait their turn in a line to board the bus. There are times JUTC personnel allow the disabled, elderly and babymothers to board before other passengers. This initiative is commendable and I am grateful.

I implore the JUTC to monitor bus bays, especially for the No. 22 route. Order and discipline must be maintained.


Eltham Park, Spanish Town