Sat | Mar 24, 2018

Set rules for JLP turncoats

Published:Wednesday | June 8, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Lisa Rene Shanti Hanna, the member of parliament for South Eastern St Ann, wants to become vice-president of the iconic People's National Party (PNP). Her pipe dream also includes the ousting of party stalwart and general secretary Comrade, Paul Burke.

As an erstwhile Labourite (who was parachuted into a safe PNP seat), Ms Hanna does not have the right to challenge an ORIGINAL Comrade, especially one of the stature of Paul Burke.

It is not yet on the books, but the party's constitution needs to be revisited as it relates to what positions non-original Comrades can aspire to. They should be able to become MPs (though not Cabinet members), senators, councillors and mayors, but NEVER prime minister through the route of president of the PNP.

Of course, the PNP is for the people of Jamaica, regardless of political affiliation, and indeed, we will gladly accept her if she has been enlightened and now wants to be part of the progressive movement. However, there are procedures that must be adhered to and limitations in terms of mobility within the party.

Apart from parading on the beach in a bikini swimsuit, Ms Hanna lacks substance in terms of contribution during her tenure as minister of youth and culture. Deep in fantasy land where she now resides, the beauty queen/bikini-clad, parading one-time government minister and now aspiring VP breathing down the president's chair has targeted Comrade Burke as the reason for the loss in the general election.

I hereby wish to advise Ms Hanna, however, that while she does her stint in fantasy territory, the real world anxiously awaits her.