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Gary Spaulding had the fire

Published:Thursday | June 9, 2016 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

Three Ps immediately spring to mind when I remember Gary Spaulding - passionate, personable and pleasant.

Passionate: Gary had a passion for journalism. For him, journalism was not just a profession. It was an obsession. He was not a journeyman. He had fire in his belly. The news, and especially politics, would excite him. His eyes would light up at the scent of any political gossip or lead to a story.

He was trusted by politicians in various parties. They would leak information to him and speak to him confidentially, for they knew he would be fair. Jamaica has lost one of its finest political reporters. I knew him close enough to know he was very personable.




I last saw him at the Office of the Prime Minister last week when he followed me in interviewing the prime minister. He was his usual pleasant self, enquiring how soon I would be releasing my interview. "No man, you will be ahead of me. I won't be on before Sunday", I assured the competitive journalist. The prime minister jived him: "Gary, you have to leave that jacket with me" - presumably because it was green!

All who knew and loved him knew he was a good and genuine soul. He was pleasant, not cantankerous and contentious. He was never one to brag or to detract from his colleagues' success. While competitive - mainly with himself - he would never give the impression that he was better than anyone else.

We will miss him deeply but will always treasure his memory. His passing, as well as Glenroy Sinclair's, has left a void in our profession and in the lives of all in the Gleaner family. May God be with us at this extraordinary time of grief.

Ian Boyne