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Goodbye, Glenroy

Published:Friday | June 10, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I would like to share just a few words to acknowledge the fine work of my former co-worker and friend, the late Glenroy Sinclair.

I joined The Gleaner in 1983. Glenroy started working there as a freelance writer in 1986 or somewhere around that time, and he moved from strength to strength, listening to the counsel of former editor, Wyvolyn Gager, and top writer, the late Carl Wint.

I remember, a few years later, I said to him: "So you have left me, Glenroy?"

"No, Mr B," came the reply. "I can't leave you, sir. I will still do stories for you, anytime, sir."

Last week Tuesday, my phone rang, and Glenroy was on the other end.

"Wait, who is this?" I asked.

"Glenroy, Mr B," came the reply.

He then proceed to tell me that he always thought of me, that he always spoke of me, that he heard that I was in the hospital a week ago, and that he was coming to look for me one day next week.

Sadly, next week never came.

Goodbye, Glenroy. We were all proud of you, from the days on the sports desk to the days covering general elections, industrial affairs, and everything else that you did so wonderfully.

Tony Becca

Former sports editor

The Gleaner