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We need better, PM

Published:Friday | June 10, 2016 | 12:00 AM


The more things change in Jamaica, the more they remain the same.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness, who had claimed while he was in opposition that once he was elected, Jamaicans would be able to sleep with their doors open, still has no clue what steps to take to achieve this promise. You will recall how much he talked about the urgency with which his Government would attack the crime problem. It is amazing that the prime minister, who made those promises while in opposition, along with the security minister, have earned a zero rating for their efforts to fight crime in their first 100 days of being in office.

In my view, however, Mr Holness has scored big when it comes to posting pictures of himself after running around the Mona Dam; being shaved by his barber; and working out on his stationary bike. All this, and he still cannot do anything about the crime which he claimed he could handle and for which he promised to find solutions.

I have no doubt that the self-praising Jamaicans will say, 'give him more time', because all they know to do is shout, 'Andrew! Andrew! Andrew!'




What is even more absurd is the fact that the minister of national security has offered praises to the police force for announcing that violent crimes are down by 10 per cent. At the same time, however, 100 persons were murdered in one parish alone, and in less than 72 hours five persons were murdered. Are we really supposed to rejoice that "serious crime" is down by 10 per cent?

Apparently neither his condom proclamation nor his talk of used cars are working to solve the crime problem. What's the next step? Perhaps he will suggest that all police officers should wear afros?

Maybe if Mr Holness as prime minister would sit with the Opposition, the clergy, and members of the society, he would get to understand that it is very wrong for him to continue to politicise crime. He did this during the campaign. Now, as prime minister, the people of Jamaica need him to do much better.

Michelle Bradshaw