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Higgins runs from serious basketball talk

Published:Saturday | June 11, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Last week basketball buffoon Orville Higgins had the perfect opportunity to prove to his listeners and the president of the Jamaica Basketball Association that he knew the game and the rest of Jamaica did not.

He had as his guest former NBA MVP and one of the best point guards the league has ever seen, Steve Nash, in his studio.

I was sure Higgins would take the opportunity to shut up his detractors and put forward to Nash some of the arguments he has been having with his listeners and has written in this paper like, "matchups don't matter, coaching is overrated, coaches don't call plays except at time outs," etc.

I thought he would also have got Nash's opinion on "offence (points) wins games, but defence wins championships" which he dismissed as rubbish from ESPN's Steven A. Smith, even though Smith was simply repeating something that was said by 10-time NBA championship coach Phil Jackson.

Higgins did not seek Nash's thoughts on any of those topics. Rather, he hid behind the fact that Nash was there working on a film project. What a coward! This was journalistic cowardice at its best.

When Higgins ventured to question Nash about his thoughts on game two of the NBA finals, the first words out of Nash's mouth were, "well it will depend on the matchups" (check the tape of the show).

This self-proclaimed basketball genius did not have the heart to put his nonsense to the test with the former NBA superstar.

It would have taken just a few seconds for Higgins to ask Nash if coaches call plays during the run of play, but he did not. He could simply have asked about the importance of coaching or matchups, but he did not. It was pretty clear to all listeners that Higgins wanted no part of Nash's thoughts on those topics on live radio.




Higgins claims that people won't come on his show to challenge him. Well, the president of JABA did and it was comical to listen to Dr Bloomfield try to have a basketball conversation with someone who did not know the game but depended on semantics and nonsense to frustrate Bloomfield, who clearly knows the game. And now he gets an NBA superstar on his show and runs away from serious basketball conversation as if it were the plague.

In true Higgins style, he did promise his listeners to have a one-on-one conversation with Nash after the show and ask all the questions his listeners wanted him to ask. That is so thoughtful of you Mr Higgins. What a lost opportunity for basketball-loving people in this country.

Everol Smith