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Operators need to justify toll-rate increase

Published:Saturday | June 11, 2016 | 12:00 AM



The Greater Portmore Joint Council wishes to formally register our opposition to the impending inevitable toll-rate increase, as we have done before.

This, as we have maintained over the years, will continue to heap further financial burden on the citizens of the Portmore Municipality.

What makes this increase further unacceptable was that recently there was a reclassification exercise which moved vehicles from one class to another. That reclassification was never fully explained in any acceptable manner and to slap us with another increase at this time is a reflection of the low regard in which the travelling public is held by successive governments.




The Greater Portmore Joint Council is calling on the minister of transport to, in a similar manner as done on the North-South Highway, intervene and meet with the stakeholders in Portmore to discuss the following:

1) An immediate freeze on toll-rates until the operators are able to justify, by disclosure to the public, what are the operational cost for the Highway and whether an increase is needed at this time.

2) Immediately ask the operators of Highway 2000 and other stakeholders, namely the Portmore Municipal Council and the National Works Agency, to repair the stretch of road between George Lee Boulevard and Dawkins Drive (T-junction).

3) Immediately ask the operators of Highway 2000 to implement contingency plans that will avoid the traffic build-up on the highway when there is an accident, as occurred on May 27, 2016.

4) Update the nation what is the current status of plans to upgrade the Mandela Highway to provide some sort of alternative to the Portmore leg of Highway 2000.

The Greater Portmore Joint Council awaits your timely response at a time convenient to you or your representatives.

Japhet Williams, Chairman

Howard D Hamilton, Leader of Infrastructure Committee