Sun | Feb 18, 2018

Cops must target 'badmen', not cabbies

Published:Tuesday | June 14, 2016 | 12:00 AM


For some months now, I have heard the hierarchy of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) stating that more cops have been deployed to crime-plagued parishes such as St James. Indeed, I have seen evidence of that increase. However, these are seen on the streets and, more specifically, in the areas it is known that taxi drivers frequently park. Is this the reason they were released on the streets? To harass motorists? It is no wonder that the last report from the JCF stated that murder was on the increase in western Jamaica, particularly St James.

I am not saying that order must not be kept. There have to be random spot checks of vehicles which may well turn up criminals and illegal weapons. The fact remains, though, that taxi drivers are not the ones painting a bad picture of Jamaica. The high crime rate is.

To be honest, with all these policemen and a couple policewomen on the street, I still don't feel safe and I do not use my Samsung Galaxy phone when walking.

The town of Montego Bay is not the hotbed for criminals. While I welcome the sight of numerous policemen on the streets, I want to see more police in areas such as Salt Spring and Rose Heights.

I would also like to see more soldiers deployed. A few months ago, at every turn, there was a soldier. I felt safe. Why can't this be done continuously? Utilise the army and do not wait until there is an emergency before calling on them. Place some soldiers and police in the hotspot communities. Use them to search for, and arrest, criminals.


St James