Fri | Sep 21, 2018

Hold Forte against gay lobbyists

Published:Wednesday | June 15, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I write in response to The Gleaner's publication on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 regarding a post made by Attorney General Marlene Malahoo Forte on Facebook and Twitter denouncing the decision of the United States Embassy in Kingston to fly a rainbow flag in solidarity with the victims of the Orlando gay nightclub shooting.

Before the public turns on the attorney general, it should first approach the US Embassy. Some may argue that the half-mast rainbow flag is justified because the Orlando gay nightclub tragedy is the worst shooting massacre in American history. But American history is replete with stories like these. Why, therefore, should an additional rainbow flag be flown at half-mast alongside the American flag? Could it be a reflection of additional significance being attached to the lives lost?

A flag is a political and diplomatic symbol, and the privilege of its possession belongs to a country or group of countries. How can a demographic group within a country be given the diplomatic clout of a country? Are rainbow lives (and their loss) now conflated with US policy?

Mrs Malahoo Forte is aware of the depths the LGBT lobby would sink to manipulate a horrible tragedy as a means of advancing an agenda of normalising perversion. And in her position as one of the chief lawmakers of the land, she is sending a warning to the US.

Keep holding the Forte, Malahoo!