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Letter of the Day|Thank you, Daddy

Published:Thursday | June 16, 2016 | 12:56 AM

Every day fathers are given the harsh end of the stick from being called 'dead beat dads' to 'sperm donors'. The appreciation shown to them is pitiful, to say the least. The massive celebration and huge fan fair associated with Mother's Day is in complete contrast to the vague memory of Father's Day. There are no overcrowded stalls of gift baskets, no ‘To dad with love’ concerts and the Father's Day advertisements encouraging the showing of appreciation to fathers are few and far apart. Ironically, some mothers are given Father's Day greetings and gifts on Father's Day. Needless to say that fathers are not so fortunate.
Now the question is asked: can anything good come out of fathers with all the negatives that they reported to have done?  Is there at least one person that can attest to their father walking them to school, washing their uniform, changing their diapers or washing their hair?

The good dads

The odds may be stocked up against fathers, but thumbs-up to the fathers who get up in the middle of the night to check up on their sick child, attended school on report/consultation day or cook dinner when mother is not able to.  Praises should be given to the fathers who teach their child to respect themselves and others. Commendation should be given to the fathers who, though not formally employed , hustle selling bag juice, burning coal or loading bus to pay school fees, buy books or to provide lunch money for school. Recognition should also be made to fathers who uphold discipline and teach their child good values and positive attitudes and are a role model in the true sense of the word, even when the relationship between mother and father has broken down.
On this Father's Day pause and reflect on the myriad of good things that your father did for you, the valuable lessons he taught you and the memorable moments you had. Send him a card, buy him a basket, a tie, a watch or just call him to tell him thanks. Happy Father's Day!

Hezekan Bolton