Mon | Jul 16, 2018

A lift up for Father’s Day 2016

Published:Thursday | June 16, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Let us celebrate with all of those men who perform the role of fathers in our country. It has long been known that children who grow with the assurance of love, belonging and security become confident and healthy people. Where both parents are available to create and care for their children the chances are even better. How often do you see children being lifted in their father's, grandfather's, god-father's , step-father's arms? The people who grow up safe and secure in these men's hands are notably more able to parent their own offspring in the future.

The opposite scenario of the fatherless crew is a national problem where children are raised without the security, love and care of a father; where children - both boys and girls - fall in the hands of the criminal, the molester, the exploiter. We need to pay greater attention of the preparation for fatherhood in a society which promotes hyper sexuality in the popular culture, where there is a constant worry about men giving and receiving "bun", where the DNA results of the aspiring migrants are frequently disappointing.

Jamaica seems to be ambivalent about fatherhood and we are suffering as a result. History, violence, migration, economics are also affecting our ability to provide stability, security and the elements of healthy people. We have to demonstrate love and affection in and to our men to reduce the levels of violence and inappropriate emotional outbursts.

I hope that the media and the popular culture can get in the habit of showing men who are tender, loving and caring. I hope that in the private moments of many Jamaicans they can say thanks to their fathers. I had the benefit of an excellent father and although he is now dead I remember him with love.