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Is this best boxing can cough up?

Published:Monday | June 20, 2016 | 12:00 AM


After watching last Wednesday's much-anticipated 'Contender' bout between the seasoned former four-time champion from the US and the blooming larva - for he has no sting - who fancies himself a wasp, one couldn't help feeling disappointment that this was the best Jamaica had to offer in the way of a professional boxer.

Certainly, the young Jamaican, although the loser of a fairly exciting match, ended up as merely meat on the Corley's chopping board. Seeing Gardner's bewilderment at what to do when trying to hit a moving target, it is unfair to quarrel with the young sportsman for failing to perform as anticipated when facing punches delivered by vastly more experienced fists.

Instead, blame his ringside advisers for failing to point out to our young Icarus that the missing key to claiming the match was realignment, simply repositioning oneself so that the opponent was within view.

Even more anticlimactic than the failure of the 'Wasp' to sting was the verbal scuffle between Corley and 'Frog' Holmes at the end of the match - Corley exuding confidence and accomplishment after being able to pick apart a budding danger moments earlier, and Holmes seemingly stunned by the performance he bore witness to.