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Bible lesson for Gordon Robinson

Published:Tuesday | June 21, 2016 | 12:00 AM


When I began reading Gordon Robinson's article titled 'Sins of the Church' (Sunday Gleaner, June 21, 2016), I saw where he started off on a wrong premise in relation to the Word of God, the Bible. Man is not born in the image of God. That doctrine is foreign to biblical Christianity. That doctrine is a part of the New Age Movement.

According to the Bible, the first man and woman were created in both the image and the likeness of God (Genesis1: 27). However, when they sinned, they came to know good and evil (Genesis 3:22). Man's soul became marred as a result of the first sin and repeated acts of sin.

Christianity is about Jesus restoring the character of God in man. Mr Robinson's false premise has caused him to have wrong conclusions. In order to understand God and make the best choices, we need the Spirit of God. If persons find that what they are doing wrong is condemned by the moral laws of God, God and Jesus are willing to transform them into the image of God. The word 'grace' signifies that God, Jesus and all the faithful angels will approach the vilest sinner to save (transform) them into the image of God.

Spiritual things are spiritually discerned. There is need for us to study the Bible properly, rather than just writing from the top of our heads.