Sun | Jul 22, 2018

Malahoo Forte has a lot to learn

Published:Tuesday | June 21, 2016 | 12:00 AM


There are many who believe religious fundamentalism is really hurting Jamaica. Marlene Malahoo Forte, obviously referencing the archaic buggery laws in Jamaica and displaying her own homophobia and ignorance, ought to know it is not illegal or disrespectful to be gay in Jamaica.

If Malahoo Forte and those like her were so offended by the flag, and the willingness of the US Government to support LGBT community, they should immediately stop travelling to the USA and countries where they could be easily offended by LGBT. There are too many persons in position of authority and influence who cannot separate religious ideology from their official roles. They allow this ideology to cloud their judgement, thinking and compassion; they are always on the offensive and irritable.

Ms Malahoo Forte should take a seat. As attorney general, she has embarrassed herself and the Government. She has a lot to learn about diplomacy, humanity and the law. It was not surprising that the Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society, another religious fundamentalist group, was quick to issue a release supporting Malahoo Forte.