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Robbers plunder Stony Hill

Published:Tuesday | June 21, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I read your article, 'Mona madness', in The Sunday Gleaner and can empathise with the Mona residents. But the robberies are not confined to Mona.

Several weeks ago, I was in an upstairs room at my house watching TV in the early afternoon. Into the room stepped a gunman. He 'cocked' the trigger, pointed the gun at my face and ordered me to "stan up". It was the first time I was receiving that order since I entered York Castle High School in short pants.

"Weh di gun an money?" he demanded before launching his own search. Then I saw my helper appear, ushered by another masked man. When they gathered all they wanted, I was put on the floor and a gun was moved in the direction of my head. My low tolerance for pain, coupled with my refusal to have my belongings taken away in this fashion spurred me to action. What followed was a bloody affair. And most of the blood was mine.

Most of the residents in my area have installed sophisticated electronic security systems. Yet these persons seem to know when to come, how to come in, and what is available.

One neighbour owned three cars; they felt he only deserved to own two. They follow us from the ATM and collect the withdrawal. Of course, whenever there is a power outage, the security systems are useless. And one wonders how much vetting these company's security personnel get before they are sent to our homes.

Since the images of guns and blood refuse to leave my consciousness, I have a lot of time to reflect on this event. It has dawned on me that the residents who are spared these experiences are the ones who own dogs. Yes, dogs!

Dogs are never caught napping. They are loyal and never betray family secrets. They are not daunted by darkness and - if my gardener is to be believed - can detect and defeat even duppies with ruthless efficiency. The cost of their maintenance compares favourably with the alternatives and the only reservation raised by their detractors can be addressed when they are being trained.

Can anyone recommend a breed? I can't think of a better friend.

Oh! And before you ask the obvious question, let me say whenever this happens to you, you are on your own.


Kingston 9