Sun | Jan 21, 2018

Apologise for Tivoli bloodbath

Published:Wednesday | June 22, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Now that the very expensive Tivoli commission of enquiry report is in, there is one recommendation that some of us will find very hard to do: say we are sorry.

While I don't believe that the State would really deliberately send its agents to kill innocent people (if indeed these agents did kill them), one must understand that the situation that occurred in Tivoli could not have resulted in ordinary people not being killed. After all, bullets, and apparently bombs, were flying everywhere in a very populated area.

As such, I really do believe that the state should apologise, not necessarily for the persons that it, seemingly, wanted dead, but for those who may have died in its attempts to restore control and order. At the very least, the State should apologise for those who may have died because of what its agents may have done.

However, now that the commission has unwittingly started a season of apologising, I think the State should consider apologising for other things that have made this society so violent.

What happened in Tivoli was not as a result of an overnight event. Tivoli, like so many other areas, is a superbly constructed garrison. We all know how these garrisons came about. Many of our politicians, some of whom would like the rest of us to call them honourable, constructed these fiefdoms in an attempt to perpetuate their hold on power.

Many of these garrison-fiefdoms, which our politicians have created, are hotbeds of crime - and criminals.

Now while I do hope that these politicians will apologise, I get the feeling that if they do, they will find it harder than turning the sky green.