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Seriously, Dr Phillips!

Published:Thursday | June 23, 2016 | 12:02 AM


It is obvious that Dr Peter Phillips has not learnt from the surprise loss at the polls on February 25. He seems quite ignorant of the findings of the Julian Robinson Report which suggests that the People's National Party's (PNP) lost was because of their refusal to debate. Dr Phillips' overwhelming focus on the financing of Mr Holness' house took the electorate for granted, foolishly assuming that this is 'PNP country'.

And here we are again. Mr Holness has declared his financial records and Dr Phillips is saying that this not enough.




Seriously, Dr Phillips! It appears a witch-hunt is in the making. Answer these questions, Dr Phillips. Have you declared your financial records when you were finance minister? Has the former prime minister declared her financial records? The PNP has been in power for 25 out of the last 29 years, and apart from the P.J. Patterson, which other of the former PNP officials have publicly declared their assets?

Various integrity groups have applauded Mr Robinson and Mr Holness for stepping up to the plate as big men and declaring their assets. These men represent a new generation of politicians - politicians who will get my vote any day. Can't say the same for you though, Dr Phillips, as your utterances reek of hypocrisy and one-upmanship.

The PNP is definitely in need of renewal.


Old Harbour Bay