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Keep your nose out of others' bedrooms, Andrews

Published:Friday | July 1, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I'm writing to respond to a letter published in The Gleaner on June 29, 2016 titled 'Obey Andrews or just leave" and to give my opinion of the whole controversy. I find her mindset to be utterly ludicrous in the 21st century.

When persons decide to operate businesses that serve their customers, they have a task of satisfying those demands. In the case of a hospital, they have the duty to tend to those in need of medical assistance, particularly medical practitioners who have taken an oath to preserve lives.

I find it utterly distasteful that someone studying at the university level would actually think that organisations should have the freedom to discriminate against persons who they don't want based purely on arbitrary reasons. I ask of the writer, Brithney Black, as well as the readers: What does adultery or fornication have to do with the proper functioning of a hospital such as Andrews Memorial Hospital? Are the doctors and nurses playing hanky-panky in the supply closet? Are they making loud noises that draw the attention and disgust of the patients and visitors at the hospital? On what logical and rational grounds can the administration justify wanting to relieve staff of their jobs based on those two variables?

The hospital has NO RIGHT - moral, ethical, legal or religious - to poke their noses into the sexual affairs of anyone at the hospital so as long as it is not affecting the productivity or efficiency of Andrews Memorial's day-to-day operations. In the Jamaican constitution, everyone has the right to subscribe to a religion that they chose. However, this does not also give one person the right to enforce their religious views on someone who does not observe or subscribe to those views.


UTech Business Student