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Digicel not delivering on cable, Internet deals

Published:Saturday | July 2, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Digicel headquarters overlooking the Kingston waterfront.


Charlemont Avenue

Kingston 6

I write to complain about an experience with DigiPlay/Digicel that has upset me very much. I would really like for DigiPlay/Digicel to stop using its telemarketers to propagate misinformation.

My problems started when DigiPlay/Digicel bought Telstar Cable Company, of which I was a customer. DigiPlay/Digicel designated me a promotional customer from mid-September 2015, so I was receiving a special Telstar/Digicel cable package from them. Most Telstar customers, to my knowledge, had requested and received this package. During that time, the persons from DigiPlay/Digicel were always available, always in communication with me.

About mid-October 2015, I started having Wi-Fi problems. Wi-Fi of 25MB only worked if you sat beside the modem. A report was made in October 2015, but it was not corrected until January 2016, which was after I had accepted the telemarketers' 'Play Strong' package. I had accepted this package in the hope that it would have alleviated my Wi-Fi problems. And even when it was upgraded to 50MB, there was no improvement.

I have been complaining of this problem, but all my attempts to speak to any member of management have been futile - a total waste of my time. At this point, my Wi-Fi problems were still not attended to. Please note that I had no problems with my previous provider; I could pick up Wi-Fi both inside and outside the house.

Telemarketers could not say what would be the saving between this package and what I had with Telstar/Digicel. For example, Telstar/Digicel used to offer me a senior citizen's discount. They could only say it was a special introductory offer with a 50 per cent discount, plus 50MBWi-Fi. I repeatedly enquired and was informed that I could return to the Telstar/Digicel package once this promotion was up.

With Telstar/Digicel, I had a) special package of programmes, b) Internet /Wi-Fi throughout the house, c) senior citizen's discount, d) two set-up boxes.

I accepted the DigiPlay/Digicel offer, without the telephone service. I continued with my FLOW telephone service. My expectation was that my Wi-Fi would be improved with this new package.

I am not pleased with the service from DigiPlay/Digicel. I would like to return to the Telstar/Digicel package I originally had, but I am being told that I cannot do so. I think I have not only been played, but caught in an Anancy web.

I have tried over and over to speak with the customer service manager, Mr Kirkland Alvaranga, but with no success. I have left messages; I have made an appointment and driven downtown to the Digicel headquarters to see him. But I was still not able to have a word with him. However, on the visit downtown, I met supervisor Ms Josephine Brown, who is truly an asset to that company.

DigiPlay/Digicel is not talking straight. It does so, for example, regarding the cost of additional boxes, and the personal video-recording offer. I was not told that these features attract additional costs, or that there would be a charge for correcting the mistake they made in the installation process regarding the Wi-Fi modem.

I no longer want what is being offered by DigiPlay/Digicel. I want to return to the package I had before. And this was a promise that was made to me by the telemarketers. I need action from DigiPlay/Digicel. I need them to stand by the commitment given to me by their telemarketers.