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Does JPS care about street lights burning at daytime?

Published:Saturday | July 9, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Kelly Tomblin, president and CEO of JPS.


Forest Hills, St Andrew


I can recall that some time ago, the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) would urge the public to report street lights that were burning 24 hours a day, so that in the interest of not wasting precious and expensive fuel, they could repair them. What has happened to change that policy?

I ask that question because for months I have been reporting three street lights that have been burning day and night on Morwell Close in the Forest Hills area of St Andrew. I have also reported some lights that are non-functional in another area close by, and nothing has been done.

I last made a call to the JPS on Monday, July 4, and told the person with whom I spoke that I had been making calls for months, without any action being taken by the JPS. I was shocked when his response to me was that I should call my parish council and inform it of the problem. He did not even ask where the lights were located.

Is it that JPS has no responsibility with regard to street lights that burn day and night, and those that are non-functional? Through this medium, I would like to refer this question to the minister of local government, the mayor of Kingston, and the JPS for a response.

It may also be an issue that the media in Jamaica should take a look at.