Sun | Jan 21, 2018

Do black lives only matter in USA?

Published:Monday | July 11, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Based on what I am seeing being posted on social media by some of my fellow Jamaicans regarding the murder of five cops by Micah Johnson in Dallas, Texas, I have to question whether black lives only matter in the United States.

It is appalling to me to see so many people justifying what this man did in the name of an eye for an eye, yet remain silent when your fellow Jamaicans are being gunned down like dogs by their own black Jamaicans.

Do black lives matter only when white cops shoot black men in the USA, or should they matter even when we are shot down like dogs by our very own?

I have yet to see the outrage from many of you who are now on your platforms of righteous indignation. Many of you same Jamaicans hug up a Government that has still not seriously addressed the high incidence of murder and mayhem that has taken over the country, but yet you are on your soap boxes crying 'Black Lives Matter'.


Crying for justice


Where were your voices crying for justice for the schoolgirl who was shot by a Jamaican cop in an unregistered taxi? Where is the outrage for the young men like Mario Deane who was beaten while in the custody of the Jamaican police and later died?

Where is the outrage for the young male student who was in a taxi that was laced with bullets by a man who thought that the taxi driver was rude for daring to scrape his vehicle?

Where is the outrage for the pregnant mother who was shot in the streets like a dog by a Jamaican policeman simply because she dared to utter expletives?

Do we only demand justice when the incidents are on foreign soil? Or do we dare to address injustice everywhere?