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PSC takes its role seriously

Published:Wednesday | July 13, 2016 | 12:18 AM


I am writing further to the editorial which appeared in The Gleaner of July 11, 2016 captioned 'Listening for the PSC'. Firstly, I would like to note that the PSC (Police Service Commission) has been in communication with the Commissioner of Police in respect of its representation on the proposed JCF Administrative Review Committee and has provided him our nominee.

Secondly, the Commission takes seriously its constitutional role in appointing, promoting and disciplining JCF personnel above the rank of Inspector, and does not hold itself as being above the accountability of the people whom it ultimately serves.

The Commission has sought and received copies of the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry and has commenced its review of the findings and recommendations, particularly as it relates to the mandate of the Commission.

The Commission has noted the concerns raised in the editorial regarding the processes involved in the promotion of senior officers. In this regard, when officers are presented by the Commissioner for promotion to the rank of Inspector and above, the Commission reviews information, including but not restricted to the following:

i. The information contained in the recommendation from the Commissioner

ii. The scores received by the officer on recent promotional examinations

iii. The results of the Integrity Screening process

iv. The report on interviews with the Ethics Committee of the JCF

v. A report on involvement in fatal incidents (if any)

vi. A report from the Assessment Centre

vii. A report of interviews with Senior Officers of the Force

viii. Performance Evaluation Reports

ix. Declaration of Assets and Liabilities to the Corruption Prevention Commission

x. Reports from the Special Coroner (where there are cases in which the officer has been involved which have been referred to his Court)

xi. A report from the Director of Public Prosecutions (where there are matters in her Office)

xii. A report from the Anti-Corruption Branch (MOCA), and

xiii. Age and date of last promotion

The candidates for promotion are interviews in person by the Commission in all cases involving promotions to the Commissioning ranks, and in many of the cases for promotion of the other ranks, including those cases where the officer has been involved in multiple instances of police fatalities.

In making promotions, the Commission makes it clear to the Commissioner that it reserves the right to review and alter the appointment, in light of new information which may be brought to its attention, but which was not available at the time of promotion. Any such review would, however, be conducted in a manner which guarantees that due process is followed.

Gordon Shirley


Police Service Commission