Thu | Feb 22, 2018

Thanks, Mr Warmington

Published:Wednesday | July 13, 2016 | 12:25 AM


Allow me the opportunity to publicly record my profound appreciation that State Minister Everald Warmington has identified the Alexandria to Brown's Town main road as one of those to be repaired this year under the Major Infrastructure Development Programme.

Though he has time and again been presented in a most unfavourable light in the media, this act has endeared him to the people of South West St Ann, and no doubt all others who will enjoy significant benefit from this road repair.

In my opinion, this is Warmington's way of showing the figurative middle finger to his detractors who have questioned his appointment, and for that he gets thumbs up from me.

For many years, this particular stretch has stood in disrepair, despite the fact that it serves as a major thoroughfare, traversed daily by trucks transporting sand and other construction materials to and from central Jamaica. Bauxite trucks also use it to access the bauxite company.

Tour buses are the worse for wear, having to negotiate, many times unsuccessfully, the many craters passing themselves off as potholes. Let's not even speak of the expectant tourists who have to suffer much discomfort in their quest to pay homage to our musical legend at his childhood home in Nine Miles.

I cannot neglect to mention the farmers from as far away as St Elizabeth who use this road to transport their produce to the numerous resorts on the North Coast.

Needless to say, bauxite and tourism are the lifeblood of the St Ann economy and, as such, repairs to this roadway is a smart move, as it will facilitate ease of movement for so many interests.

Kudos to our new Member of Parliament, Mr Zavia Mayne, who has represented aggressively to improve the quality of infrastructure within the constituency.

And thank you, Mr Warmington, for seeing it necessary to finally put us in South West St Ann on the road to prosperity.

SW St Ann Stalwart