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Mayor Scott must apologise to MOCA and FID

Published:Thursday | July 14, 2016 | 12:00 AM


The chairman of the St Catherine Parish Council and mayor of Spanish Town, Norman Scott, through a TVJ news report on Monday night (July 11), stated that the three parish council raids recently carried out by the police's elite Major Organised and Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) and Financial Investigations Division (FID) were politically motivated. Extrapolating from his condemnatory remarks aimed at the Jamaica Labour Party and investigative law-enforcement agencies, Mayor Scott is extremely upset by those police raids.

According to MOCA, intensive investigations led them to carry out raids at those parish councils where widespread misappropriation of public funds, fraud and corruption were allegedly taking place. To date, persons have already been charged and ongoing investigations are taking place. MOCA and FID are extremely professional law-enforcement agencies with specially vetted officers in place, including being vetted by overseas law-enforcement agencies.


Mayor Scott has not provided one shred of evidence to substantiate his statement that those parish council raids were directly politically motivated, and as a citizen of this country, Scott should be ashamed of himself for expounding such irresponsible comments which have absolutely no merit in fact.

Mayor Scott should formally and publicly apologise for his statements against MOCA and FID. Minister Desmond McKenzie has categorically stated that no form of corruption will take place within local government under his ministerial tenure, and I support him in tackling corruption across the parish councils. Within this framework, I recommend to Minister McKenzie that he immediately instructs the authorities to meticulously conduct an audit into every single parish council.

I urge the police's MOCA and FID to keep up the outstanding, professional and impressive police investigative work. Go wherever corruption and misappropriation of public funds occur.

Robert Dalley, Esq

Montego Bay