Sat | Feb 24, 2018

#GhettoLivesMatter, Mr Policeman

Published:Tuesday | July 19, 2016 | 12:00 AM


In America, they say #BlackLivesMatter. However, in Jamaica, our movement has to do with the injustices that are meted out to ghetto people by the police. They are all dealt with as animals.

My understanding is that the police are supposed to be here to serve and protect. Dear Mr Officer, we don't receive good service, nor do we feel protected. We were not aware that there were two laws governing Jamaica, one for ghetto people and one for everyone else.

The police can simply kick off doors and search at will, with no warrant required, kill at will, speak to residents with disdain and display a lack of respect and/or mere common courtesy.

Dear Mr Officer, #GhettoLivesMatter. When you look at us, you see thieves and worthlessness. Man looks on the outward appearance but our God looks on the heart. You shoot to kill and ask questions after. You ridicule us, disrespect us, try to steal our joy and our hope. You try to let us live in fear. #GhettoLivesMatter.




Dear Mr Officer, we don't fear the person that can kill the body, but the one that can kill the body and the soul. #GhettoLivesMatter. You look at us and you see hopelessness while we see hope. You see killers while we see footballers, athletes, doctors, teachers lawyers. Do not judge us by our current location. #GhettoLivesMatter.

Dear Critics, you turn your nose down at the ghetto and wish us the worst. If we are eradicated, who will mow your lawns, clean your houses, write your loans, polish your nails, teach you or your children, complete your transactions, clean your teeth, take your orders, serve your food, pray for you, deliver your mail. #GhettoLivesMatter.

The next footballer, athlete, prime minister could be in the ghetto. Mr Officer, please think before you kill. We are not saying that you shouldn't do your job, but we demand of you respect, equality and fairness. The movement has begun and we will no longer stand aside and look. #GhettoLivesMatter.

Our voices will be heard. #Tivoli #Maxfield #Waterhouse #Rema, #Jungle # ArnettGardens #Flanker #DenhamTown #SeaviewGardens #MatthewsLane #KingstonCentral. All ghetto lives matter.