Wed | Jul 18, 2018

Secret security budget achieves nothing

Published:Tuesday | July 19, 2016 | 12:00 AM


In a bid to curb crime, the national security minister has thought it wise to attempt to keep the finances of the security ministry as secret as possible. One way he plans to do this is to remove as much information as possible about his ministry from the Internet. The thinking is that many criminals are using the ministry's information on the Web to commit crimes. This strategy to get on top of our crime crisis won't really achieve much.

Many murders are a result of domestic disputes. People are murdering each other for simple things like a box of matches, a cell phone, or even a goat.

The minister may not know this, but I get the distinct feeling that before someone kills another because he refused to give him a box of matches or because he thinks that his spouse is cheating, the last thing on that person's mind is to check the security ministry's website for budgetary allocations to the police force.

One of the main reasons why the crime situation in the western parts of Jamaica is so bad, we are told, is because of scamming. Our scammers are killing and are being killed, partly because of the supposed riches that they get when they trick foreigners into giving them money.

Now, unless the Ministry of National Security website has a list of potential victims for the scammers to profit from, I seriously doubt that most scammers would give second thought about checking it for potential victims.

There is also another reason why those responsible for the security ministry's website may notice a high number of hits. Many times, as with most other sites, visitors with will go to the site by sheer accident. Oftentimes, web surfers will try to Google something that has to do with either 'security', 'police' or even 'Jamaica' and end up on the security ministry's website. Plus, there are indexing robots on the Web, so some of the hits may not even be from human beings.

I think that the security minister, in his attempt to curtail the information on his ministry's website in an effort to deal with the country's crime crisis, is clearly telling us that he is at a loss as to how to come to grips with this crisis.