Sat | Jan 20, 2018

Misplaced bias, Dr Cooper

Published:Thursday | July 21, 2016 | 12:00 AM


(In response to Carolyn Cooper's 'Testing nerves on TVJ's Schools' Challenge Quiz')

As you may have been informed by education practitioners by now, the premise your whole article, predicated on the ignorance and stress on 10-year-olds, is erroneous. I myself briefly fell into the initial trap of thinking the children didn't know the obvious.

However, I have been practising the patience and kindness of giving people the benefit of the doubt by not assuming the obvious. So after analysis and reflective deduction I realised that the question asked - "In which Caribbean country did reggae originate?" is a two-tiered one.

It not only asks where did reggae come from, but asks what the definition of the word 'originate' is. Since this competition is for placing the over subscription of schools wanting to enter this year, the filtering of lower-seeded schools means that the students are not as gifted or prepared as the higher-seeded and brighter schools. We can forgive these low-tiered schools for not knowing the meaning of the noun 'origin' much less the verb 'originate'.

To make a long dissertation short - if the question was asked "Which Caribbean country did reggae come from?" there would be no controversy as the first team would have got it right.

Your points are well taken though, even though the initial basis is misplaced.

Earl Green