Sat | Jul 21, 2018

Quizzing TVJ over suspensions

Published:Wednesday | July 20, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I understand that there are contentious issues concerning Kingston College and Camperdown from last year's edition of TVJ's Schools' Challenge Quiz, and these matters have now come to a head.

I raise the following questions for TVJ:

1. On what basis, specifically, has TVJ suspended the two schools?

2. Is it true that Kingston College was suspended because a coach was critical of the way TVJ conducted the match between KC and Campion College? If this is true, how can this be correct? I cannot understand how a media house that lives on free speech should seek to curtail the free speech of a coach? Does the Press Association of Jamaica have a view on this matter of free speech?

3. Is it true that the coach whom TVJ has accused of speaking out of turn has stated in writing that he was not speaking on behalf of Kingston College? And if this is the case, why has punishment be meted out on KC? What is the causal link between the alleged wrong of speaking out and the suspension of KC boys from quiz for two years? Does TVJ have a view on this matter of fairness?

4. With Camperdown suspended for three years, could TVJ say whether any part of that punishment is related to the fact that Camperdown actually took TVJ to court about a match in the competition? If it is, how can that be right? Does TVJ reserve the right to decide what matters can be taken to court in Jamaica? Can it "abrogate, abridge and infringe" Jamaican rights, just so?

TVJ needs to pull up its socks, and stop seeking to condemn its reasonable critics.