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Flog gunmen, rapists, thieves

Published:Friday | July 22, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Each time I watch the news or read a newspaper about another person being shot in Jamaica, I say to myself that we reap what we sow.

Most crimes in Jamaica are committed by young people. While we ponder what we can do to reduce the crime rate, some people have proposed divine intervention, which is foolish talk. We have already created the mess we are in, yet God, who we hate to talk about, has already given us the answer. But because we are wiser than God, we have thrown the answer away and are still asking for His help.

Gun crimes are increasing every day. Firearms are being used to commit all sorts of crime. Younger and younger persons are becoming gunmen, as if weapons are toys. Old people are being murdered by children, and most of them are not being caught; and if they are caught, they are not being punished because we are so ungodly.

We hate to do what the laws of God say. If those who are taking away the power of parents and teachers to flog children did not have their backsides whipped, they would never have turned out the way they are today.

The law is supposed to be a deterrent. Those who break the law must know there is a penalty to be paid. Everyone found with an unlicensed firearm should be flogged, even if he or she is not sent to prison. We can't keep on building bigger and bigger prisons. The inevitability of flogging would prevent them from possessing or using a gun.

It's time the police force stop messing about by transferring more and more officers, or the Ministry of National Security buying bigger and faster boats to catch gun and drug smugglers.

Simply bring back the penalty of flogging for illegal gun possession, rape, and larceny.


Rosewell, Clarendon