Sat | Mar 24, 2018

Grow companies to grow Jamaica

Published:Friday | July 22, 2016 | 12:00 AM


It scares me for my people that Jamaican governments mostly borrow money to pay for a need or deficit, rather than to invest to boost businesses, production, manufacturing, exports, and make small and large loans more affordable.

Every government is seeking to tax more, rather than helping to increase manufacturing. How and when will 2.8 million people be able to pay off all these loans then and what genuine road is there towards hope? More taxes, revenues from fees, and using the police to milk our people through ticket fines cannot bring prosperity.

Why is it that in Jamaica's tough times, it is easier to borrow for a car, house and appliance than it is for good business plans and proposals.

Making more profits is the only way to outdo expenditure. Why aren't we aggressively pushing people to invest in Jamaica and growing the economy? We are still missing it as a people, because unless we are growing businesses fast, we will never be at a place where we are growing Jamaica. There is no other answer.

Running the Government and its diverse areas of business more efficiently, especially through technology and increasing turnover rates, is a key solution, too. It takes long to do even basic business with government institutions in Jamaica.

We need to cultivate discussions online about how were can make more money together as a people.

God forbid my great-great-grandchild should become a slave to my generation's borrowings. We need a practicable route to surplus, and in this ruling party's term! We need to see how we can incentivise the creation, growth and sustainability of small businesses. That is the only hope for Jamaicans.