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Praising Digicel customer service agent

Published:Saturday | July 23, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Gordon's Crossing P O

Ramble Hill, Montego Bay


I would like to offer sincere thanks and appreciation for the extraordinary customer service that I received from Davian Edwards of Digicel's broadband Internet services a few days ago. He went beyond what is usually required of a customer service agent to solve, rectify, and address the problems that I was having with my broadband browsing services and spent a long time working assiduously to detect and solve the problem.

Mr Edwards displayed a high level of tolerance, patience, and understanding while working with me over the telephone to resolve the problem that had lasted for three consecutive days. Prior to speaking with Mr Edwards, other customer service representatives were unable to solve the associated problems causing the absence of Internet access, and so I was extremely impressed with his outstanding customer service and technical work.

His knowledge of technical Internet repairs and how the broadband service works was extensive and shows to me that he is well trained.

Thanks again to Davian Edwards, a true and informed professional of Digicel's 4G Internet services department. Keep up the outstanding work! You have done your company proud.