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Allow Dr. Blythe to have his day

Published:Monday | July 25, 2016 | 12:00 AM


The People's National Party (PNP) has a proud reputation of being a democratic party adhering to tenets of democratic socialism working unremittingly to uplift the poor and marginalised within the Jamaican society.

The decision of former PNP cabinet minister and vice president Dr Karl Blythe to be nominated for the position of party president should not be condemned.

Dr. Blythe has been a party member for the past 43 years and has taken the decision to contest against Mrs. Portia Simpson Miller.

I am disappointed that some party members who should know better have taken to the media to criticise Karl Blythe for his decision. I myself, an unrepentant and long-standing member of the PNP, believe that no party member should seek to belittle, castigate and berate Dr. Blythe and should instead be welcoming his challenge towards Simpson Miller in the true sense of party democracy and allow the campaign period to begin.

There are some misguided PNP persons and members who are damaging the party by their caustic, irresponsible and callous public remarks and criticisms against fellow party members and they should stop once and for all.

Spewing political venom against Dr Blythe is unfortunate and irresponsible and shows political immaturity. Blythe has served the party well for decades and should be respected even when some members disagree with his decision.

Some close party members aligned to Mrs Simpson Miller are a liability to her and have repeatedly given her poor advice during her tenure as prime minister and to date. They advised her to call the general elections when the party was certainly not ready. Sometimes I wonder if they are purposely giving her bad, irresponsible political advice to embarrass herself in the eyes of the public.

We party members must learn to act responsibly, show respect to fellow members and set an example for young Jamaicans to follow. Those rabble rousers within the PNP should be disciplined for their constant disrespectful and reckless conduct, actions and behaviour on media and at various public fora.

It reflects poorly on the party president and Norman Manley's party. I will decide who I will vote for at the delegates' elections to choose between Simpson Miller and Blythe at conference.

Frank L R. Manborde

PNP Member,