Fri | Jul 20, 2018

Prayer is pointless

Published:Wednesday | July 27, 2016 | 12:00 AM


In addition to the numerous talk shops created to deal with crime and mayhem, our churches are now putting their hopes for a solution in a national day of prayer. I still cannot see why we just can't get it - prayers never work!

Now, don't get me wrong, most of us will appreciate the thought that is behind the need our churches see in praying. After all, many of us are now simply at our wits' end as to what to do about our crime crisis. Also, like so many others, I suppose our churches must at least appear to be doing something. However, I have never seen a situation where things in this country, or anywhere else, ever change just because of prayer.

If the god that these churches pray to is supposed to know all and can see what is happening to our island, with all the mayhem and all, why should he wait until a bunch of people scream out their lungs to him and roll around on the ground before he acts? If he really was there and cares, don't our churches think that the man would have been wise enough to have a little initiative and act by now?

However, I don't want to appear to be taking this plan of our churches to pray for an end to the mayhem as an exercise in futility - even though it is really sort of funny, knowing that no one is out there to answer, but I think the time has long passed when our churches need to do something real, instead of wasting time praying.

Many of our schools are church-controlled, or at least, greatly influenced by them. Why don't these churches invest some real intellectual power and find more relevant ways in which these schools can help to mould our children into becoming better citizens?