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The 'innocent' inner city

Published:Thursday | July 28, 2016 | 12:00 AM


We want justice!' is like a nursery rhyme of the inner city residents after confrontation with members of the security forces. The confrontation came to a head in 2010 in West Kingston which led to a commission of enquiry costing the country millions of dollars and recommendations of millions to be paid in compensation to the residents. There are other killings in the inner city by members of the armed forces that have gotten much attention both locally and abroad. The question on the lips of many well-thinking Jamaicans is why are the security forces going into the inner city and murdering so many 'innocent Christians'?

There have been reports of vicious and violent crimes being perpetuated by 'thugs' and 'dons' driving fear in the lives of inner city residents. There have been turf wars, gang violence: extortions; 'shottas' molesting young girls and a host of other criminal activities that have become almost synonymous with the inner city. The most recent incident were gunmen firing on the Tivoli Garden police station in retaliation to a controversial police shooting in their area. Now what are 'innocent' persons doing with illegal guns and how does one explain the volume of illegal activities and high levels of crime and violence taking place in the 'innocent' inner city?

Let us remove the scales from our eyes and face the reality that there are communities that are infested with criminal elements wreaking on the lives of its residents and are not afraid to engage the securities forces bullet for bullet. Many inner city residents are held hostage under a code of silence and come out demonstrating the innocence of criminals because they are often threatened to do so. Do the political representatives of these areas know what is going on in their constituency or are they too bound under a code of silence?

Hezekan Bolton