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Land sale to Factories Corp unjustified

Published:Friday | July 29, 2016 | 12:00 AM


It is alarming that the management of the Factories Corporation of Jamaica could find it justifiable to sell an 11.5-acre Government of Jamaica property for just $10,000, although the value placed on the said property was $164 million. That makes it less than $1,000 per acre.

What is equally bad is that there are some people in Jamaica who are always there to support actions like these by trying to create a side issue to detour people's attention from the real issue. It seems to me that that is what Professor Winston Davis was doing when he told the press that for the auditor general to suggest that the value of the 11.5 acres of land was $164 million was stupid, for which land in the ghetto area downtown could be valued at $164 million?

The real issue is not the price tag, but the fact that the 11.5 acres of land belonging to the taxpayers of Jamaica was sold for $10,000, less than $1,000 per acre. There is no place in Jamaica where anyone can buy an acre of land for just $1,000.

The Government of Jamaica must have the person or persons pay at least a reasonable amount for this property or take back the property and return the $10,000. If this is done, those who used their power to sell the Government's property for little or nothing, and those on the receiving end, would think twice.

We must commend our hard-working auditor general and stand with her against those who would like to bring her down. I am very proud of her being always able to defend her findings.


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