Sun | Feb 18, 2018

Disgruntled with FLOW customer service

Published:Saturday | July 30, 2016 | 12:00 AM


It's with the utmost sheer and utter frustration that I have to write this letter. I have a FLOW telephone line that has been out of service for more than six weeks.

I have made numerous upon numerous calls to have this issue resolved to no avail. I have been told the fault is at the exchange and not internal on my property. Each time I call customer service, I have to repeat the nature of my complaint, despite the fact there should be a call history of my issue.

On each occasion, I am told by customer service that the company is unable to reach the dispatch team responsible in passing over the information to the technicians. In the last conversation I had with an agent, I was given a reference number. (Bear in mind that I have made numerous calls but was never issued with a reference number to my previous calls to customer service.)

I was given an appointment and the assurance that a FLOW technician would visit my property on July 27, 2016, between 8 a.m. and 3:15. I still await that technician to arrive.

I think it is a disgrace that a telecommunications company in this modern age and with all the technology available is unable to resolve a complaint for which it is responsible.

I can call the other side of the world in a matter of seconds, and yet customer service cannot reach its own technician within its own region. It would appear that this company puts profit before providing effective, efficient customer service.