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Traffic reforms for KMA

Published:Saturday | July 30, 2016 | 12:00 AM



I once tried my hand at drafting a transportation plan for the Kingston Metropolitan Area (KMA), extending it to Portmore and Spanish Town. It was a partial adaptation of the elaborate, highly efficient transportation system seen in The Netherlands (and, to some extent, the United States).

One of the highlights was to have major transportation depots/centres at Half-Way Tree (as is) in downtown Kingston, Six Miles, and Harbour View and to add a major transport centre to be built on the St Catherine's Caymanas plain in the area of Ferry. The point was to limit the number of public transport vehicles coming from rural areas into Kingston and St Andrew and, effectively, reduce the build-up of vehicular traffic in the capital city.

Consequently, passenger vehicles from the countryside would deposit commuters at the respective transport depots for further conveyance to their destinations. The exception would be vehicles carrying produce, goods, and people to the markets.

Built into this plan is a single-fare stage between depots, with only limited designated carriers extending beyond the single stage.

This model, which restricts buses in a prescribed area, would help in the modernisation of the public transportation system in Kingston and St Andrew, while reducing the volume of vehicular traffic on city streets.