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Boxed out in Scotiabank

Published:Monday | August 1, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I went to Scotiabank Knutsford Boulevard on Tuesday, July 26, and surveyed the seven nice, comfortable chairs the bank kindly makes available for senior citizens like myself. I noticed that they were all occupied, but, interestingly, one of the occupants was a large cardboard box that was closed and a yellow construction hat perched on top.

I wanted to have a seat and asked the seated seniors if they knew whose box was firmly occupying the chair, but they all shook their heads in the negative. They had no idea whose it was or anything about it.

Since I felt that I was being unfairly treated by the box, I then approached three security guards a few feet away who were standing quite resplendent in their uniformed glory and might. I explained to them my problem, pointing out the offending box, and asked that they remove it from the chair. But alas, it was as if I was speaking in some strange foreign language because they basically ignored me and shook their heads, refusing to move it.

Disturbed and mystified, I returned, duly chastened, to the group of seated seniors and box. I called it to the attention of a teller, saying to her that I had asked the security guards to move it, but to no avail. She said she would deal with it. I went back and stood waiting unhappily, taking occasional resentful glances at the box, which seemed by now to deserve a name and a cup of tea.

Then out of the blue appeared a man who headed directly for the box. He carried it against his chest with both arms straight out of the bank. The mystery box owner had returned to retrieve his belongings, which, thankfully for all of us in the bank was obviously not a bomb - or, at least, not one intended for that particular bank.

When my turn came to be served, I reported the incident once again to another teller, who expressed concern and promised to report it.

And don't tell me it (a bomb in a box, a bag, whatever....) can't or won't ever happen in Jamaica. And don't tell me that the security company supposedly responsible for the safety and smooth running of the bank and the safety and comfort of its staff and customers is not at fault here.

Jamaica, no problem? Yah, man. So sad.


Coopers Hill

St Andrew