Sun | Jan 21, 2018

Schools must prepare kids for life

Published:Monday | August 1, 2016 | 12:00 AM


School is supposed to prepare individuals for society, and in our pluralistic society, it gets increasingly difficult to fulfil that role with a reasonable amount of singleness of purpose. Nevertheless, as the various reports and studies (National Education Inspectorate, et al) have shown, schools churn out hundreds of 'graduates' each year, many ill-prepared for the next level.

On what basis, for example, does a student leave high school not a moron or imbecile, yet unable to read our daily tabloids? How does a student 'qualify' for graduation but be ill-prepared to attend successfully for a basic interview? I posit that not only are many principals found wanting in the department of accountability, but their 'boss', the Ministry of Education, is a 'maxima culpa'.

The sad story, though, is that 10 years from now, I may be able to publish this letter again and even then it would be relevant - that our students should not 'graduate' before acquiring, at their respective levels, the rudiments of conversation, thinking, money management, relationships, government, living without technology, home repair, car care, cooking, manners, safety/self-defence, careers, the Bible (of choice), first aid, goal setting, time management, civics and the importance of failure and disabilities. These are not usually part of the curriculum, but are absolutely essential.