Fri | Aug 18, 2017

Shameful silence on basic-school education

Published:Wednesday | August 3, 2016 | 8:00 AM


I was appalled and so disappointed recently listening to Prime Minister Andrew Holness making a big announcement about funding secondary-school education without one solitary word on early childhood education.

These two tribal parties are determined to keep nearly 40 per cent of the people in darkness and enslaved by garrison politics. It was National Hero Marcus Garvey who first talked about mental slavery and Bob Marley made a song and made the words famous. The JLPNP seems determined to keep nearly half of the population that way to control them in garrisons.

Now we, like hypocrites, jump up and celebrate Emancipation Day.

How can we be free if our minds are kept backward and ignorant? PM Holness, stop being a hypocrite and properly fund early childhood education, bring it into the formal education system, and teach children from two and a half years old to read, reason and respect - the real three Rs - instead of the bogus three Rs - reading, writing and arithmetic.

I am so disappointed in you, PM. Your words are becoming hollow and meaningless - reminding me so much of Michael Manley.