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Why KC’s suspension?

Published:Thursday | August 4, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I thank the Jamaican press for publishing items of news concerning the treatment of Kingston College (KC) in the matter of the Schools' Challenge Quiz match between KC and Campion.

Through newspaper reporting, I have learnt that TVJ has suspended Kingston College for two years from the Quiz Competition. It is not at all clear to me why Kingston College, the most successful school in the competition, has been suspended.

I know the suspension cannot be because the school has been so successful. My mind goes back to Sammy planting corn down the gully, but I have concluded that TVJ would have no reason to begrudge KC its successes.

I know too that the suspension cannot be because any KC quiz contestants did anything wrong. I watched the Campion/KC contest which gave rise to controversy, and noticed that the KC Boys behaved with dignity under stressful circumstances. It was as if they steeled themselves using the school's popular motto, "The Brave May Fall But Never Yield".

I know further that the suspension cannot be because some KC Old Boys have criticised TVJ for its handling of the quiz match. Jamaica remains sufficiently democratic for persons to have freedom of speech. KC Old Boys, together with all other Jamaicans, are therefore free to express their opinions on matters such as whether TVJ has conducted a quiz match in a fair manner.

Could the suspension be because TVJ believes it is running a private competition, and is therefore free to do what it wishes? I know this cannot be true either. The competition is a public institution which has been a part of Jamaican life for more than 40 years. TVJ transmits it to the public, and presents it as a national institution. It cannot, therefore, take steps which appear to discriminate against any school, and then defend its position by saying that it is a private competition.

So, because I know TVJ cannot use any of the foregoing arguments to justify its wrongful suspension of KC, I have to ask: What's up, TVJ? Why the discrimination?

Spencer Montgomery