Sat | Jul 21, 2018

Robinson lick him head

Published:Friday | August 5, 2016 | 12:16 AM


In response to Gordon Robinson's article 'Less talk, more money' (The Gleaner, August 2, 2016), has he really conceptualised that which he has posited?

Don't get me wrong, Mr Robinson. I absolutely think you have some very workable solutions. However, with our political structure and climate, backed by the kinds of politicians we have had and, currently have, when are we ever going to see an attempt to tackle any of the things you put forward in any meaningful way?

Come on, Mr Robinson! an adequately equipped, professional police force with wellpaid, uncorrupted officers to pursue corruption, without prejudice, at the highest level? Teething the police to be hot on the heels of the "gangs" and their connected cronies?




Also, curbing crime so that people feel safe and less murderous? Haven't you realised that security companies and morgues are seeking to dethrone bars and churches in numbers? Haven't you noticed the boom in those industries? Is mash you want to mash up the economy, sir? Is box you want to box food out of poor people's mouths and out of the 'party-gangs' pockets?

Mr Robinson, I know you are a brilliant individual, but I suspect you might be 'unda yuh waters' when you suggest that politicians/government should provide a framework to make the average citizen become independent by being gainfully employed and well informed/educated; to be thinkers and problem solvers, individually and as a collective whole. I mean, come on!

Dismantling garrisons and fuelling critical thinking instead of short-term 'eat-a-food' mentality? Come on, Mr Robinson! Obviously you are not concerning yourself with the politicians. When they do all this, who will run behind them, fight for them, and make them important? Who will "sell their kids and themselves" to make sure politicians continue their insidious reign over Jamaicans?

Have a heart, Mr Robinson! Have a heart for our politicians and for those of us who may not be as fortunate as you are and have to depend on our leaders for survival.