Wed | Jan 24, 2018

Don't punish KC quiz contestants

Published:Saturday | August 6, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I have been following, with keen interest, the intended two-year ban by TVJ of Kingston College from the annual Schools' Challenge Quiz competition. The circumstances giving rise to the ban, gleaned from the media, are troubling.

Over the years, the competition has provided an avenue for secondary-school students to demonstrate their acumen, knowledge and speed of analysis and recall in a myriad of subject matters that can sometimes end in nail-biting finishes. The general public, families, individuals and schools look forward to this calendar event.

Without a doubt, the students are the principal actors and beneficiaries. If, as is alleged, the reason for imposing the ban is improper utterances made by one of the KC coaches on social media, why are the children being punished? A child punished for the misdemeanour of a parent or an adult is tantamount to abuse. The perpetrator should be held responsible and appropriate sanction applied. Collective responsibility, to encompass the students, does not factor in this case and should not be condoned.

Additionally, those who encircle the students by extending the punishment to them are accomplices to the abuse. In a nutshell, the children should not be the victims. This is exactly what will happen if the ban is implemented.

Under the circumstances, the adults, TVJ and the leadership of KC ought to resolve the dispute without any undue harm to the students. The children are the reason for the competition, not you.